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  • Erik-Silver Toomere 14:10 on January 25, 2012 Permalink |  

    The Quest 

    On the Year Twenty-Hundred-Ten-and-One of our Saviour the Great Dark Malice did arise once again. The Birthgiver of the One-That-Lacks-Motivation, and the one to have writ the Scroll that lies in thine hand, was indeed in peril once again. It must have been the co-owner of the Firm that hath produced a proposition: a shining new Laptop produced by the long forgotten wizards of the IBM. Indeed did She fall into temptaion. Indeed was the Laptop purchase motion put forth. Indeed did problems arise.

    It was a proposition of Her’s that the transferring of the Files be made by the One-That-Lacks-Motivation. Foolishly, nay, graciously did he indeed agree to the proposition. The Laptop was produced forth him. Oh yes there were nay-sayers, oh yes did they doubt in the ‘mad skillz’.

    What was needed was to be accomplish was the Great Transfer of Files and the Downgrade of Office that, and I quote the words that were heard on that day: “Liiga keeruline, ma ei tea kus mis asi on. Ma pole harjunud selle uue asjaga.” Indeed there were counter-arguments produced. Indeed did in the end the Voice of Habit beat the Voice of Reason.

    Before the One-That-Lacks-Motivation was given the Laptop and the Desktop.

    First, the installation of the bluish safe File keep and storage of the Dropbox-kin was made complete on both of the digital computer. Then followed the file upload and the inevitable file download. And he saw that it was good.

    Second, the Downgrade of the Office Twenty-Hundred-Seven was made. This was indeed instantly followed by the inevitable installation of the Office Twenty-Hundred-Three. And he saw, reluctantly, that it was good.

    Third, as an Act of Kindness, was the Viewport-by-the-serial-number-of-Seven changed aesthetically and functionally to be quite similar to that of the Viewport-by-the-name-of-Experience. An act made in secret.

    Indeed were these tasks completed with great haste and success. Indeed was the One-That-Lacks-Motivation regarded as a Saviour in the eyes of his Birthgiver. Indeed was the nay-sayer, the Boss, filled with Great Surprise.

    This concludes the Quest.

  • Taavi 14:07 on January 25, 2012 Permalink |
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    One does not simply invent time machine 

    In the dark forest of the kingdom of the mighty rhinoceros right near the land of the invincible squirrel monsters, an unhappy sister of the lord of the Prince’s road was sitting in her pinkish yellow hall. It was at this time the master Sam Sung had fallen from the height of the quadrillion femtometres. From the unlikeliest of possibilities the heavy core of the Sam Sung which the sister knew as the memory of the master Sung was to be seen no more. All the sister could do was searching the endless planes of the World Wide Web, using the services of the ASUS located in the King’s hall of the lord of the Prince’s road. All she was enlightened by the queen of the Chrome of the was about the input device called Hard Disk Drive. Little was known about the infamous enemy called the Warranty Exclusions at this time. Nevertheless the journey through the labyrinths of the road works near the Argo lake to the official Hospitality de la Sam Sung was completed by the sister and her brave male ancestor. The frightful keeper of the rehab of the Sam Sung carefully examined all the exterior parts of the mighty PC, but failed to locate and reveal the mischievous fall of the Sam Sung from the unimaginable of heights. Little was mentioned to the keeper about the faltering of the Storage Device. However after long days of waiting the Sam Sung had recovered and was returned to the castle located not far from the Shrine of Tiskre. It was at this time the lord of the Prince’s road was accosted and told about the ordeals of the master Sam Sung. He let his mightiest of roars unleash but the poor sister of the lord did not understand why. Later it was unfortunately found that all the data from the memory of the poor Sam Sung was lost. It was indeed sad times at Prince’s road. Everyone relied on the lord of the castle to bring back the lost memory of the Sam Sung. After long hours of lectures by the lord on the topic of the hardware inside the Sam Sung, it was decided that everything was lost. One does not simply invent a time machine. Thus sister was left without the mighty data held by the Sam Sung and left with a powerful chest with an operating system called 7, Windows 7. All was gone as sister cried but help was needed before the mighty Sam Sung was to be attacked by the Trojan’s and Spies. All seemed to be lost in the battle of Antivirus until lord finally departed from his hall to join the frenzy. He walked past the towers of Internet Explorer to the gate of Chromium. With a mighty click on the button with the straight block letters which read DOWNLOAD he unleashed the protective cry of the Google. The battle was turned around and everything seemed to go uphill but at this very moment the mischievous Windows 7 decided to restart Sam Sung for software update. Everyone screamed in vain as Sam Sung woke up from its sleep in lightning speed and in no time the lord was once again exploring the lands of the Internet using the magical Chrome. He cast spells which opened more and more tabs and windows until the battle was won. There stood the Spybot, AVG and Defender all ready to block attacks from the blood lusting viruses and other parasites. It was the day of success as the allied forces of Photoshop, MSN, Office, Acrobat all appeared in the Sam Sung. It was magical indeed and once again the lord of Prince’s road had helped the sister out of her misery.

  • alex 14:06 on January 25, 2012 Permalink |  

    Le story 

    For score and 896 days ago an immense darkness filled the land of Mustamäe tee 143 apartment 15. At the beginning it seemed like any other day, quite quiet, mesmerizingly snowing. This epic tale begins to unravel at the struck of 3 o’clock. The small little goblin of apartment 15 had the audacity to turn on the oldest and wisest machine of the entire kingdom. The creaking sounds of one decade could almost be felt in the air. As the wondrous metal wizard was activating its Intel CPU with 700 MB of RAM and virtually no video card for 30 minutes the little goblin went red with rage. She thrust an insane roundhouse kick to the computer and immediately sent a message pigeon to the high chieftain of the kingdom.

    The high chieftain got a message saying that the great wizard is fading away into the darkness. This posed a problem that was pondered upon for days when finally a decision was made. With the use of telepathic signals through the mobile devices the lord of the realm contacted the familys last hope to save this dire situation. The task was to travel across the land into the mythical kingdom of Arvutikeskus and scavange the lands for new components so that the wizard could be resurected form the afterlife. The quest to find the best spine (motherboard), stomach (harddrive) memory, brain (central processing unit) and eyes (graphics cars) proved to be a strenuous one. The greatest obstacle of all was the small puch of gold that limited the haggling with the bloodsucking demons. Finally after hours of search the adventure had been completed and the journey back could begin.

    Upon reaching the domain of the high chieftain the main quest could begin: the resurrection ritual of the great one. This meant that all of the parts had to be placed in the right spots and connected to eachother so that all of the necessary functions would initiate. Otherwise all of the veins (buses) and essential holes (bays) would not work properly. As noone knew how this delicate work needed to be carried out then the task naturally fell upon me to accomplish. First off the carcas was opened up on the side and all of the previous level components were striped form it to make room for the new ones. Firstly then the spine was positioned into the carcas. Next the brain and memory were placed on top of it accompanied by the eyes into the right socket. Now that everything was placed perfectly the nervous system (wires) had to be connected to the spine for it to work like it should. After many hours of excruciating work the body was finished. Now the input devices needed to be connected to the body sa that the humble peasents seeking information form the wizard could write to it what they wanted. Also the output needed connecting because the no mere mortal speaks the dead language of binary. The moment of truth was at hand. With the pressing of one button the fate of the kingdom would be decided. I kneeled down in honour of the great one and most humbly did I press the power button. The ritual had begun and within a few seconds the monitor had a message form the wizard which sai “Welcome back”.

    I now summoned the little goblin who had started this epic tale in the first place and let her communicate with the new wizard. She was speechless at the new great ones uncomprehensable speed and power that she burst out in joy. From this day onward I was praised as a hero and given a feast fit for kings. Whenever a kingdom is in need of a resurrection of the great one, I will be there to see the task through.

  • alex 09:07 on January 25, 2012 Permalink |  

    Le research 

    • Analyze the cureent situation in the case study
    • Make a list of all of the flaws and lackings of the current solution
    • Research on the internet how theatre booking systems work in Estonia, Prime examples would be the two cinemas Solaris and CC plaza.
    • Compare the Estonian systems to the case study one
    • Find out the additional functions needed to be implemented in the case study.
    • To be more exact info on the actual booking system through the web needs to be researched, such as how can people book the seats, how payment transactions are done and how is thedocumentation of the sales and bookings done.
  • Erik-Silver Toomere 10:56 on January 20, 2012 Permalink |  

    Case Study points 

    Original problems:
    The frogs:

    • too much manual labour
    • too much software
    • no actual booking software
    • no overview of money-related gubbins

    The Übermench:

    • IT guys wised up and left
    • ancient soft/hardware
    • user UNfriendly system
    • reports are too technical
    • lack of web 2.0


    • unified ticketing system
    • box office ticket collection w/ identification
    • user friendly system FOR the theater
    • user friendly site for visitors
    • multi-language support
    • deadline of 1 March 2014 (under 2 years)
    • cross-browser support

    Features for solution:

    • data migration
    • web-based content management system
    • customer relationship management
    • sales and data analysis
    • INTEGRATED online bookings, telephone bookings and those made from the booking offices
    • multi-language system
    • user-friendly system
    • support for ancient people
    • ‘suppliers of ticketing systems’
    • database
    • ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability)
    • database data-migration
    • human readable output

    Real world examples:

    • contact Forum Cinemas AS and ask how their ticket system works
    • contact the cinemas in Solaris and ask how their ticket system works
  • Brent 09:55 on January 20, 2012 Permalink |  

    Plan of the Research of the Second Era of IB 

    Identify the topic and the problem
    Analyze the current IT solutions of the theaters Given
    Compare to what extent do the current IT solutions accomplish the needs of the theaters
    Research the IT solutions of estonian theaters and cinemas
    Look for solutions by taking into account the preferences of the clients

  • Sander 09:52 on January 20, 2012 Permalink |  

    Case study 

    Things I can research to get a better understanding of the case study:


    • How things are booked (what happens when things are booked on the web or over the phone)
    • Booking visualization systems (like the one’s cinema counters use, or the one in our case study papers)
    • How tickets are printed and made( different codes and stripe codes on the tickets themselves and how they are used to identify the ticket when the customer passes through a laser scanner)
    • Payment systems. Where the money is transferred and how cash purchases are logged.
    • Statistics keeping systems(Ticket sales and associated data
  • alex 22:17 on December 8, 2011 Permalink |  

    Swiss to legalize downloads 

    A recent news article talks about a new law passed in Switzerland which makes the downloading of pirated software legal. The Swiss government pointed out many positive and interesting points which were backed up by evidence form a dutch research. This is a exceedingly sensitive topic when to think of both the downloaders and the corporations. On one hand their is the freedom of speech aspect that can be violated if to deny pirating as such and on the other hand organisations are supposedly losing revenue due to illegal downloads. The main question then is what to do with this issue?

    The downloading of music, movies, games and other various types of software has become a quite common phenomenon nowadays. It is all thanks to the World Wide Web because earlier this type of sharing on such a wide scale was not possible. The Swiss law for downloading software says that downloading for personal use is permitted. This concept of downloading should be tolerated because if the person does not share it with others or try to profit from it then the damage is not that extensive. Also most people only pirate games and movies to see if they are any good or not. If a person really likes a game then it is more probable that he will buy it too rather than buy a game that he has never played and later on might not like. The same aspect was brought out in the article where the dutch research showed that frequent downloaders visit concerts more often and game-downloaders bought more games than those who did not download. I believe this concept really does work because nobody wants to but something they have never tried before. The same concept goes for food mostly. You don’t go into a supermarket and buy food randomly, you know what you want because you have tasted it before and liked it. Piracy also has the chance to make less-known bands famous because if more people download their music and tell their friends then the band itself has a bigger chance of becoming famous. So actually in a way piracy is contributing to the entertainment industry.

    Now if to look at it form the organisations viewpoint then of course many negative aspects come into mind. First of all the companies and artists say that they are not getting enough revenue that piracy of their software is costing them too much money and they are afraid of going bankrupt. The Dutch industry of this proved otherwise. The negative aspect of this article though was that it said their is no solid evidence concerning this issue of lack of revenue but this can be the authors own opinion. Maybe the companies and artists are suffering some losses but I don’t think that they are so catastrophic that they are going to go bankrupt. In that sense I agree with the statement that the entertainment industries should adapt to the consumer behavior changes or die. It is very easy to whine about everything and do nothing but in the end those companies who discover the opportunities of how to use the internet to their advantage will be the ones to prosper. Thus I really do not think that the issue with piracy against these companies is that high.

    All in all I believe that piracy does have its good and bad sides but in the end it all depends on the user and on the purpose of the download. Their are people who abuse this privilege quite heavily and there are those who appreciate it and pay their respects to the companies and authors later by spending money on the products. Companies have to be able to adapt or they will not make it. Piracy should not be prohibited when it is intended for personal use and if there is evidence that it is actually not demolishing the entertainment industries.

    • Taavi 06:22 on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Douchebagge: “9th of December… What is this, I don’t even…”

    • Joel L 11:58 on December 13, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      You mention the “freedom of speech aspect” in your intro, but it is not mentioned anywhere else. How is “denying pirating” infringing on freedom of speech?

      “The main question then is what to do with this issue?”

      Yes, it is. However, you don’t even try to provide any answers. The essay rehashes common knowledge/thoughts about piracy, but you don’t provide anything new.

      Also, the task was to discuss possible outcomes, and your essay does not mention any.

      This essay would be more suitable if it were a generic piece titled “Online piracy”, and written for a non-IT specific class.

    • Paavo Viilup 08:04 on December 15, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      RE: freedom of speech – how is this related to anything in this context? How is downloading a ripped film a form of FoS?

      Also, I do not understand the food comparison? You always buy the exact same things?

      Additionally, you were late submitting the work.

  • Silver 19:14 on December 8, 2011 Permalink |

    We will change the way you do business! 

    Recently a law was passed in Switzerland, which states that downloading illegal multimedia such as music, movies and games will be legal. Although the decision provided good grounds for illegal downloaders, also referred to as “pirates”, it still leaves many questions to be answered. Both sides of the contract – the casual “pirates” and large entertainment companies present various ideas about why the law is or isn’t practical and ethical. Some of the arguments are discussed and analyzed as follows.

    When the Swiss government passed the law that allows for illegal file sharing, large media companies were outraged. Why should a government support illegal activities? The companies that make money off of selling their products are tricked into believing that the law can be justified.

    Firstly, the government claims that according to various research it can be seen that people acquiring illegal copies do not actually save money off the act, on the contrary. It was found that “pirates” spend as much or even more money on other media entertainment, founding the companies through other resources. The claim suggests that even If an industry loses money due to legalized “illegal activities” they have the chance to compensate for the loss by turning to other methods. In general, the idea of such a mandatory last resort is an outrage because it is just not ethical to block a company’s income.

    Secondly, the government explained that it would be impossible to imply the 3 strike rule (3 registered offences concerning illegal file sharing will result in the loss of internet connection) as the United Nations has declared internet access as a human right. In my opinion, the fact that internet may not be prohibited should lead to other methods of punishment such as fines and reparations that one has to pay when 3 offences have been made. This would eliminate the unethical issue concerning company money loss and still motivate people to buy multimedia in a legal fashion.

    Lastly, the legalization of piracy could on the other hand prove to be beneficial. This, in the sense that film and video game industries would have to create even better and better content to appeal to larger crowds. This includes adding thrilling multiplayer content or optional extra content to people who have bought the game. This would lead to a more immersive multimedia experience and enhance the sector as a whole.

    Overall, even if it can merely be justified why the passing of the law was a correct deed, the general gesture of an arrogant middle finger to the industries remains. It is just unethical not to take into consideration the work and labor of companies, mainly because the expectations of getting paid through the created product hang about. The question whether it was necessary to legalize “stealing” does nothing but raise chaos and misbelief towards the government and its ability to reasonably pass laws. All aside, the “pirates” of Switzerland can rest because as of now, the work of multimedia producers, according to some, needs no appreciation.

  • Brent 12:53 on December 8, 2011 Permalink |  

    Post title 

    Copyright infringement is not something new: In fact it has existed long before the Internet. Internet just made it simpler. After the emergence of sites like Napster, which started to utilize the full capabilities of the Internet’s rapid sharing possibilities the difficulty of obtaining music, videos and movies became non-existent. Ever since these sites emerged different organizations(BSA) hand in hand with countries(USA) have tried to cut Internet piracy, and the people who practice it, down. The Swiss government lately went in the complete opposite direction, by assuring that it will keep Internet piracy, to the extent of obtaining stuff for personal use, legal.

    Much of their decision lied on a study conducted by them, which actually showed that downloading is not nearly has harmful as the businesses claim it to be. In fact people who downloaded were more likely to buy games or go to concerts. So according to this study, Internet piracy is actually a good thing overall. In fact I have myself once downloaded a game and later bought it, because I liked it so much. Another reason was actually the multiplayer content, but I knew that the game is worth it. If I had not downloaded it before, I actually would not have bought the game for sure. So this thing actually works.

    To be continued, I just could not write right now…I guess no brain juice.

    • Joel L 12:29 on December 13, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      How many games have you downloaded, played for hours and hours, and not bought?

    • Paavo Viilup 08:08 on December 15, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      You promised to finish this in the evening (December 8), I see no sign of this (Dec 15).

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