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Do you expect another “age” to follow the information age? What do you think it might be?
The proposed question has been formed so that I have to answer, Yes, otherwise I could not answer the second question and that means I cannot write 250 words.
If I was asked if a new age was to follow the information age I would have to answer “Yes”. The new age will come because people cannot stop evolving. Usually when we talk about evolution we mean that organisms get more intelligent through time but as we can see from today’s society this is not true for humans. Humans do gain new knowledge but it is not comparable to what is lost through technology. Technology nowadays is all about information and gathering it. As we know that all the info we need is available on the Internet we think that we do not need to remember all the facts. This means that we get more lazy but as all the new “technological wonders” have born from the laziness of people means that is the way our life will continue. We all know those AIs whom against we play in computer games, or who fly the planes, or tell us where we are at. Yes, artificial intelligence is almost everywhere and soon it will be everywhere doing all the things for people because it is just simpler to not do anything tedious but have only fun. This however will lead to the point where fun is tedious and tedious is fun, but until us humans figure it out AI will have evolved so far that they are independent of human input and thus no one knows how to make them do the things that before were fun. So humans will have nothing else to do but kill themselves from the stress. So the age after the informational age will be the age of stupid or should we say the age after the stupid.