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    One does not simply invent time machine 

    In the dark forest of the kingdom of the mighty rhinoceros right near the land of the invincible squirrel monsters, an unhappy sister of the lord of the Prince’s road was sitting in her pinkish yellow hall. It was at this time the master Sam Sung had fallen from the height of the quadrillion femtometres. From the unlikeliest of possibilities the heavy core of the Sam Sung which the sister knew as the memory of the master Sung was to be seen no more. All the sister could do was searching the endless planes of the World Wide Web, using the services of the ASUS located in the King’s hall of the lord of the Prince’s road. All she was enlightened by the queen of the Chrome of the Google.us was about the input device called Hard Disk Drive. Little was known about the infamous enemy called the Warranty Exclusions at this time. Nevertheless the journey through the labyrinths of the road works near the Argo lake to the official Hospitality de la Sam Sung was completed by the sister and her brave male ancestor. The frightful keeper of the rehab of the Sam Sung carefully examined all the exterior parts of the mighty PC, but failed to locate and reveal the mischievous fall of the Sam Sung from the unimaginable of heights. Little was mentioned to the keeper about the faltering of the Storage Device. However after long days of waiting the Sam Sung had recovered and was returned to the castle located not far from the Shrine of Tiskre. It was at this time the lord of the Prince’s road was accosted and told about the ordeals of the master Sam Sung. He let his mightiest of roars unleash but the poor sister of the lord did not understand why. Later it was unfortunately found that all the data from the memory of the poor Sam Sung was lost. It was indeed sad times at Prince’s road. Everyone relied on the lord of the castle to bring back the lost memory of the Sam Sung. After long hours of lectures by the lord on the topic of the hardware inside the Sam Sung, it was decided that everything was lost. One does not simply invent a time machine. Thus sister was left without the mighty data held by the Sam Sung and left with a powerful chest with an operating system called 7, Windows 7. All was gone as sister cried but help was needed before the mighty Sam Sung was to be attacked by the Trojan’s and Spies. All seemed to be lost in the battle of Antivirus until lord finally departed from his hall to join the frenzy. He walked past the towers of Internet Explorer to the gate of Chromium. With a mighty click on the button with the straight block letters which read DOWNLOAD he unleashed the protective cry of the Google. The battle was turned around and everything seemed to go uphill but at this very moment the mischievous Windows 7 decided to restart Sam Sung for software update. Everyone screamed in vain as Sam Sung woke up from its sleep in lightning speed and in no time the lord was once again exploring the lands of the Internet using the magical Chrome. He cast spells which opened more and more tabs and windows until the battle was won. There stood the Spybot, AVG and Defender all ready to block attacks from the blood lusting viruses and other parasites. It was the day of success as the allied forces of Photoshop, MSN, Office, Acrobat all appeared in the Sam Sung. It was magical indeed and once again the lord of Prince’s road had helped the sister out of her misery.

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    Why make future vision videos? 

    Almost every tech company out there decides to publish future vision videos. It seems like a waste of time to spend time on making videos of ideas rather than trying to enliven them. So why do they still waste endless amounts of time on making the visual representations?

    How do you explain an idea totally to other individuals? The easiest answer would most probably be by giving a visual image. It is usually done by describing the idea which would create an image in the target’s head. It is a great way to explain an idea to a handful of people but moving from a small group to a larger one would cause issues. One of them would be that all individuals are different and understand the idea differently. Thus to give a single representation which cannot be interpreted differently a video is made. Video gives a lot of flexibility but is still almost identically interpreted.

    A real life example could also be brought out by showing a video. People usually do not get the idea of a real life example without seeing it in live action. Saying that the new iPhone 4S can be told assignments like “What is the nearest Asian restaurant?” does not really create this “wow” moment. However seeing the Siri promotional video where a man is driving a car and tells the phone to remind him to call his wife when he gets home, and the phone actually completes the task is really surprising and makes the audience believe in the idea. This is known as “seeing is believing”. The same is true for the future visions as after seeing the future vision videos people can see that the idea is useful and can actually be made possible. Therefore future vision videos are made to turn people into believers.

    Visionaries often do not gather too many people around themselves. However showing visionary videos to large audiences makes it possible to find workforce. Usually future vision videos are made to show ideas that cannot be completed with the technology present. Therefore the visionaries need people with skill set and equipment who can turn the idea into reality. The easiest way as seen from the last paragraph is to make a video. This would make competitors start working on similar ideas and keep them occupied, bring new workers to the company and win support by the buyers. Also these videos will inspire the scholars to start working towards a better future.

    Precious time is spent on videos in order to share ideas, make them believable and find people to work on it. So future vision videos provide everything that is required to start from an idea and end up in reality.

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    Era Essay(hope you fix my zero) 

    Yes there certainly will be an age after this one. The difference is that why do we exclude some era of history form another, the causes. That’s why I have three main views on what could be next.

    The first one is rather optimistic and positive. Because humans are continually evolving onward, the information age just becomes too big and thus has to be separated into smaller pieces that are easier to follow. This categorizing can also be helped by the fact that technology is evolving onward and thus, at some point, can create a need for the separation. The technology that will be the catalyst will be most probably the name of that era, cause information era is already taken. So from this point of view, the next age will just come from necessity to organize are own history.

    The second one is a more fight club-ish future, where the society will collapse on itself because of some crazy dudes(by accident or for the lulz) and bring down everything with it, leaving behind the skeleton of today’s society.

    The third one is what I actually hope for and That is the contact with or arrival of Aliens. Though some expert thinkers like Stephen Hawkins have hypothesised on the possibility that the aliens who may arrive might not be friendly, then well….we would be firetrucked…so my hope is on the aliens will bring peace and prosperity and with it a new grand era for the human race..hopefully something like star wars, because I could use a lightsaber.

    Brainstormed on my iPad

    • Paavo Viilup 10:41 on October 12, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      “Brainstormed on my iPad” – this is absolutely redundant.

    • Paavo Viilup 20:00 on December 5, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      “The difference is that why do we exclude some era of history form another, the causes.” – Very hard to understand this.
      “So from this point of view, the next age will just come from necessity to organize are own history.” – Isn’t this being done already?

      “so my hope is on the aliens will bring peace and prosperity and with it a new grand era for the human race..hopefully something like star wars” – the grand conclusion, I do not honestly understand whether you’re being serious or writing some form of highly ironical post-everything masterpieces. It’s school you know, based on facts and stuff, not wild theories about Star Wars and lightsabres. Also, quote for the Hawkins statement?

  • Erik-Silver Toomere 03:26 on September 15, 2011 Permalink |
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    Yes certainly we are headed into a next… 

    Yes, certainly we are headed into a next age, but there are infinite possibilities what will happen to the human race. There are at least 4 possibilities that I can think of:

    1. Age of Downfall (Fallout-esque age)
    The growing tensions in the Middle East and the Pacific region mean that we are living in a tense time. And it is getting more tense all the time. Like the gunpowder barrel that Europe was on the dawn of the First World War I fear we might be on the verge onto the Third.

    The important question that remains are the weapons that are chosen. If one side decides to use nukes we can most likely kiss goodbye to one-third of the planet whilst the second-third lives in a perpetually hotter and hotter climate.

    Let me just say it is nasty and hopefully we will steer clear of it.

    2. Age of Machines
    One thing I foresee happening really quickly, if we do not blow ourselves up, is the rise of machines, and not in that Terminator type of way. For example in Estonia we are usually greatly surprised if we can not use our credit cards to pay for something in a shop, in Japan people are surprised when there is no machine from which to buy their tickets, drinks or even food. Now, if we were to couple the machines from Japan with the technology we use in Estonia then we would already remove physical money. And I believe that is the most important step for humans. I will not dwelve into the topic of the evilness of money but let me just say we would all be better off without it.

    After combining these technologies we would soon start looking into how to add more and more machines into our day-to-day lives to make it simpler and simpler, nearly everything can be turned under the control of the machine.

    I do not believe in the whole Terminator story, like I implieed before, I think there are two plausible times that follow:

    3. The Second Space Age
    We are already well under way into the Second Space Age. Whilst NASA is working on their new spaceships to get us off Earth and way past the moon, several commercial airlines are working on their space objectives. Namely Virgin Airlines that is already offering near-atmosphere flights.

    I imagine it will be a time of space explaration and hopefully colonization. However…

    4. Idiocracy
    Technology will make us lazy so there might be a danger of people losing interest in education. In the world of idiocracy people used poor English, watched reality TV all day and were named after products which they consumed. Like this short paragraph.

    Let me just say I prefer nuclear holocaust over idiocracy.

    • Paavo Viilup 06:35 on October 1, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      While I like your approach, I think the outcome is not what it could be. Please spend more time to hone your writing products into sharp tools, do not let them become blunt clubs of lost chances.

  • Taavi 20:49 on September 14, 2011 Permalink |
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    Enter title here 

    Do you expect another “age” to follow the information age? What do you think it might be?
    The proposed question has been formed so that I have to answer, Yes, otherwise I could not answer the second question and that means I cannot write 250 words.
    If I was asked if a new age was to follow the information age I would have to answer “Yes”. The new age will come because people cannot stop evolving. Usually when we talk about evolution we mean that organisms get more intelligent through time but as we can see from today’s society this is not true for humans. Humans do gain new knowledge but it is not comparable to what is lost through technology. Technology nowadays is all about information and gathering it. As we know that all the info we need is available on the Internet we think that we do not need to remember all the facts. This means that we get more lazy but as all the new “technological wonders” have born from the laziness of people means that is the way our life will continue. We all know those AIs whom against we play in computer games, or who fly the planes, or tell us where we are at. Yes, artificial intelligence is almost everywhere and soon it will be everywhere doing all the things for people because it is just simpler to not do anything tedious but have only fun. This however will lead to the point where fun is tedious and tedious is fun, but until us humans figure it out AI will have evolved so far that they are independent of human input and thus no one knows how to make them do the things that before were fun. So humans will have nothing else to do but kill themselves from the stress. So the age after the informational age will be the age of stupid or should we say the age after the stupid.

    • Paavo Viilup 06:27 on October 1, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      IMHO, saying “Yes” and “No” are similar in that it’s good to give reasons for thinking either way.

      And even though I do not necessarily agree with your bleak outcome for the future, I think it much more valid as a possible future than some of the other ideas by your peers (2012, for example).


      • Taavi 13:05 on October 1, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Now I know when I am getting married and get asked THE QUESTION. Then I will make a short text mini essay of 250 words why I do using paragraphs.

  • Erik-Silver Toomere 10:13 on May 30, 2011 Permalink |
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    And so it ends, only to begin again 

    And thus the cosmical event was drawing to an end. Event which can only be witnessed once in two millennia. We were the few who were to witness it. Before us no one had seen it nor will no one for the next 2000 years. If there will be anyone remaining that is. We stared at it. We were awestruck. No one dared say a word. Not because they were afraid to ruin the moment, simply no one could say a word. Our throats were clenched shut, our bodies struggled to breathe the sweet air; our minds preoccupied with the observation of what later was only to be known simply by the name of Cosmical Event 241.

    I hereby announce that -name redacted- is now a fully sanctioned and legalized firm.

    Proxima-7 CE-241 will be a regular CE. They don’t need to know about the riff-raff found on the Uninet!

    Al-Qaeda has taken full responsibility for the attacks on the…

    Today a South-Korean frigate was sunk by a mysterious torpedo fired from…

    President -redacted- will be meeting with President -redacted- and President -redacted- today to speak of changing the nature and scale of warfare in what was once known as Africa.

    What surprised everybody was the fact that humans didn’t run into aliens. In actuality we’ve met at least 43 different alien races, the Tri-Government just decimated them, took the technology and claimed it as their Discovery. However via Uninet rumours and photographic evidence spread that indeed there have been alien races, that they all prophesied their end and that after, which now we know by the aforementioned name of Cosmical Event 241 we the humans would find… something that could match us and end us.

    We have picked up certain… events taking place in random places in the universe. What should we do about them?

    It is amazing! We are all witnessing the beginning of a time of peace!

    This is 6-1, come in Alpha Base.
    Alpha Base here, reading you loud and clear 6-1.
    Roger. Alpha Base, we have arrived at P-SS4-P7, how copy?
    Copy. ETA of CE24… 1 is… T minus 2 Mikes.
    Affirmative, T minus 2 Mikes, clocks synced. 6-1 out.
    Clocks synced, gear active and… Cap, we are picking up radiation!
    Settle down, is it within acceptable boundaries?
    Uh… yes-yes it is, sorry.
    No worries, understandable surprise. Not like you trained for 2 years or anything…
    Oh shut up. T minus 1 Mike.
    I don’t think it’s going to get bumpy but maybe we should get into the har-
    Alpha Base here, 6-1 the tear opened up earl-
    6-1 remember your training, if you follow the Emergency Protocol 1 you should be fine.
    Come in 6-1. 6-1? 6-1 come in! COME IN 6-1!

    I think we lost 6-1, deep space scan for 6-1 when the event closes.

    We need to form special teams to seek out the CE’s!

    Why so hushed? Because Cosmical Event 241 was immediate proof which would have destroyed not one but three Universal Corporations or like they are fond of calling themselves: the Tri-Government Universal Union. The three corporations are ancient, they all found their beginning in the start of the 21st century, of course then no one would have believed that three little firms would evolve into corporations, that they would split the world into three, wage war for three centuries without actually decimating each other and then in a total turn of events and as a huge surprise they would join, blast off into space and start a de jure Millennia of Peace and Discovery which de facto meant that the human race turned into religious zealots that followed the simple religious principles of the Tri-Government and followed every order.

    CE-241 was another deep space event which can not be explained by modern technology.

    They don’t need to know about it.

    So the Tri-Government made The Six. Six scout ships filled with six crew members each who would check and observe Cosmical Events which could be detected by the state of the art technology. Of course their mission was classified but the First of The Six have now arrived at the edge of the Pegasus Sub-System 4 near the uncolonized and dead planet Proxima-7, here they will soon bear witness to the Cosmical Event 241. Here they will find the beginning to The End, and when it begins, The End will only be the beginning again.

    • Erik-Silver Toomere 10:16 on May 30, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      It’s okay if reading this will make your brain hurt. I went Brostadamus on it.

  • Paavo Viilup 09:07 on May 30, 2011 Permalink |
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    Monday text production 

    Some people clearly wish to practice creative writing, here’s a chance to do just that.

    Please write either an essay or a piece of flash fiction.

    The title is “And so it ends, only to begin again”.

    EDIT-MAKE: Due date is Wednesday evening.

  • Paavo Viilup 07:30 on May 23, 2011 Permalink |
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    Another essay Monday (almost the last) 

    This needs to be done by Tuesday (May 24) 10 AM.

    The topic is this: “Is it all (ITGS; ICT; web apps; computers; bits and bytes) worth it? Wouldn’t it be better to move into a hut deep in the forest, read poetry and hunt for food? Discuss.”

    And a reminder concerning tomorrow: you have the opportunity to work on your essay/ratemyfood for 100 minutes. Do not use the time for working, checking out memes and other irrelevancies as the due date for both is Thursday.

  • alex 21:18 on May 18, 2011 Permalink |
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    Recently Microsoft closed the deal on the Skype… 

    Recently Microsoft closed the deal on the Skype purchase. This was quite a shock for most people because it is not everyday a huge company like Microsoft buys a new provision with 8.5 billion dollars. Many analysts think that Microsoft overpaid Skype due to the fact that other companies like Facebook, Google and so on were prepared to pay 2.5 times less for it. There a lot of ups and downs to this purchase, in this essay I will try to cover the biggest ones.

    The biggest obstacle or problem that Microsoft is going to have is with the carrier providers. This is due to the fact that Microsoft wants to integrate Skype into all phones supporting the Windows mobile platform. Since Skype is used to make free calls over the internet or low-cost telephone calls then Carriers see this as a possible threat to their revenues. But then again the integration of Skype with Nokia could lead to extremely beneficial results. If both of them agree on a suitable price for the services for both the supplier and the user then they will stand out as two major winners. Of course with all the other carrier companies it is all a matter of negotiation. Bill Gates also said that they have no intention of jeopardizing relations with mobile companies.

    Microsoft actually bought this company because it did not want it to wind up in the clutches of its competitors. Better to own it for themselves. If to look at this topic from this angle then it would seem to be a completely worthless purchase because Microsoft has similar products like Lync and Windows Live Messenger. But actually Skype gives them another vital aspect which is the profitable telephone service. This is the main element that makes Skype stand out of Microsoft’s products. On the other hand Microsoft could have made the same technology work for them at a far lower cost but this is where the competition comes in. It is always necessary to think only about yourself if a company wants to survive.

    Another bug issue for Microsoft is that with buying Skype all of the problems come along with it. Before the applying of improvement s can begin the old problems need to be fixed. At the moment the biggest problems are first of all interface annoyances. This meaning that there are very many scammers on the network who drive regular users mad with the constant friendship requests. So the privacy or security settings have to be overlooked. Secondly the competition nowadays is quite fierce. A while back Skype had the advantage to outshine everyone with its calling and video-conferencing capabilities but not anymore. Now Google’s Talk, ooVoo and others have the same technology and are striving to beat Skype. Luckily Microsoft is a Facebook investor so this also gives a good opportunity for the integration of Skype into Facebook and for it to excel some more. Thirdly Skype is full of spam which is mostly presented in ads. It is almost impossible to get rid of those and usually a serious headache for most users.

    All in all it is difficult to say whether the Skype deal was a good one or not. It is certain that this new purchase has potential for greatness but also requires a lot of work for it to succeed. Only time will tell whether it climbs to the top or comes crashing down.


    • Joel L 13:18 on May 19, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      “the profitable telephone service”?

      • alex 13:24 on May 19, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Yes, Skype offers people the possibility to make calls to cellphones and regular telephones with a smaller fee than normal cellphone carriers ask.

        • Joel L 18:57 on May 19, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          yes, but it’s not like they’re making lots of money from that.

          • alex 19:34 on May 19, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Yes because it has not been brought up to its full potential. But it could be a good source of revenue

            • Joel L 18:14 on May 22, 2011 Permalink

              How is “we charge less money” a good business plan?

            • alex 19:54 on May 22, 2011 Permalink

              well the client is always searching for a provider with the smallest fee hence microsoft has a chance of getting other carriers clients away. Since carriers do not want that to happen then they will have to reach a compromise which will benefit both the carrier and microsoft. The first logical solution would be that the carriers give a percent of the profits to microsoft or something like that

            • Paavo Viilup 07:24 on May 23, 2011 Permalink

              The “percent of the profits” business is the best kind of business! Sort of like the mafia, they don’t sell meat, but they sure like the butcher to share his profits with them.

    • Paavo Viilup 06:40 on May 29, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Skype is full of spam? Really? I haven’t used Skype for some months now, but I really do not remember any spam anywhere. In fact, I just launched Skype and did not see any spam. No ads even. Unlike MSN (Live as in not Undead or Dead) Messenger.

  • Erik-Silver Toomere 15:14 on May 17, 2011 Permalink |
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    Microsoft buys Skype 

    Sky.net /topic

    I make joke two.

    Firstly, the deal’s impact on the proverbial regular user at the moment is rather small. The first and probably at the moment most notable addition is the Skype ‘Email Toolbar’ and ‘Office Toolbar’ which, like the names already imply, are Skype toolbars for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office respectedly.

    The second change will be the choice. When dealing with the email services after Microsoft acquired Hotmail the users suddenly had a choice, whether to carry on using Outlook or switching over to the Internet-based Hotmail, now this has pretty much happened again. Microsoft now has three instant messaging services: Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Lync and the new addition of Skype. In all three there is the possibilty of text, voice and video chat.

    However this choice is a double-sided sword, or rather triple-sided sword. Windows Live Messenger is a very casual messaging service with flashy additions, Microsoft Lync on the other hand is a paid service that is oriented towards firms that do not wish to develop their own chat systems and Skype is the king in quality voice and video chats. This means that a situation will arise, the similar situation I have currently: I use Windows Live Messenger because it really is the best choice for text chats, however I have Skype installed whenever I want to voice or video chat with somebody since Windows Live Messenger can not handle those two tasks.

    I hope that in the future Microsoft decides to connect the text chat brilliance of Windows Live Messenger and the quality of voice and video chat of Skype.

    Secondly, the reactions to the 8,5 billion USD deal based on a selection of technology news outlets.

    First the price: “Skype was first sold for a relative bargain at $2.5bn to eBay in 2005, who in turn sold most of it off to Silver Lake in 2009 at an overall valuation of $2.75bn” so why the sudden rise in price? I think it is actually quite simple: they just can. And even if Skype will not bring profit to them or even loss they still have the most successful and popular VoIP service currently available.

    Another reason could be defense: “Just days after reports that Google and Facebook were interested in partnering with, and possibly buying VoIP company Skype, Microsoft announced that it was buying the company” so instead of allowing Skype to fall for their competitors they simply made an offer Skype could not refuse.

    According to Microsoft “Skype will support Microsoft devices like Xbox and Kinect, Windows Phone and a wide array of Windows devices, and Microsoft will connect Skype users with Lync, Outlook, Xbox Live and other communities” and BBC: “if they can put it on Windows 8, it gives them an advantage. It helps them in the tablet market…other analysts say Microsoft’s aim in buying Skype is to improve its video conferencing services”, thus the only logical conclusion is, like I predict, that Microsoft is planning to merge Windows Live Messenger and Skype thus giving us quality text, voice and video chat which is available ona wide array of products.

    In conclusion, to put it in the words of Steve Ballmer: “The goal is to empower people around the world with technology that will bring them together” so perhaps Nokia is the next stop for the ever-growing mega-corporation that is Microsoft?

    • Paavo Viilup 09:47 on May 19, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      This is much better than previous efforts, even though the media review could be so much more than a simple collection of quotes (which isn’t really a review, film reviews do not necessarily include the thing talked about in film form, for example).

      The first half is solid, but could be more thorough, eg. you could talk about your experience using the two applications and what the user experience is like as a result of this duality. Is this actually a hindrance? Are most users willing to juggle between multiple applications etc.

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