Please discuss the reasons and possible outcomes of the Swiss decision 

I believe their decision is a very brilliant one. Piracy is not a game-killer, it is a game-changer. Piracy has become a way to evaluate products before a decision is made whether the product is even worth the money. For example, with video games if a person downloads a game they only have access to single player. If they begin liking the game they have the option to purchase it for keeps. However if the game is shit, they can uninstall it and forget about it. Same applies for movies. If a person likes the movie, they will either go to the cinema to watch it or buy the DVD or both! No money lost, more gained.

The only reason why The Man tries to turn piracy illegal is fear of losing money when they make a shitty fifth sequel to a shitty movie that failed to bring in money anyway. Like the article says: adapt or die. And it’s time to die. All the actions that we have witnessed take place are the last breaths of a dying monster that tries to lash out before going down forever never to rise again. Good riddance.

Another positive side, like the article mentioned, is that start-ups and indie products get more coverage. A very fine example is Minecraft, the creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson (Notch) who said that he does not care when his game is downloaded since there is no way to stop it, he is just glad that people care enough to download it, sure as an indie game it would be nice to get money for it – oh wait, he totally does.

A possible outcome? To put it short: the future. What I mean is a completely open society, a kind that Zeitgeist predicts. A sort of mix between Communism and Nationalsocialism leaving out the evil factor: money. This also means that software and hardware wise all the sharing is made free at speeds that come close to that of South-Korean Starcraft tournament.

Of course the main evil here that can mess things up is the glorious country of United States. Not only have they legalised different policies that seem very that of Nazi Germany-esque. It seems like the greatest enemy in the US are the citizens. And now they are in a sense blocking off Internet-access. Very North Korea of you, you big bully. Again, like the article mentioned, UN says the Internet is a human right, probably there is an asterisk somewhere that says, in font 1, “excluding United States”, that is how it seems like now.

Anyway in conclusion, my hopes are that all the countries will soon experience the freedom that can now be found in Switzerland. Then we are one step closer to world peace. Seriously.