Why make future vision videos? 

Almost every tech company out there decides to publish future vision videos. It seems like a waste of time to spend time on making videos of ideas rather than trying to enliven them. So why do they still waste endless amounts of time on making the visual representations?

How do you explain an idea totally to other individuals? The easiest answer would most probably be by giving a visual image. It is usually done by describing the idea which would create an image in the target’s head. It is a great way to explain an idea to a handful of people but moving from a small group to a larger one would cause issues. One of them would be that all individuals are different and understand the idea differently. Thus to give a single representation which cannot be interpreted differently a video is made. Video gives a lot of flexibility but is still almost identically interpreted.

A real life example could also be brought out by showing a video. People usually do not get the idea of a real life example without seeing it in live action. Saying that the new iPhone 4S can be told assignments like “What is the nearest Asian restaurant?” does not really create this “wow” moment. However seeing the Siri promotional video where a man is driving a car and tells the phone to remind him to call his wife when he gets home, and the phone actually completes the task is really surprising and makes the audience believe in the idea. This is known as “seeing is believing”. The same is true for the future visions as after seeing the future vision videos people can see that the idea is useful and can actually be made possible. Therefore future vision videos are made to turn people into believers.

Visionaries often do not gather too many people around themselves. However showing visionary videos to large audiences makes it possible to find workforce. Usually future vision videos are made to show ideas that cannot be completed with the technology present. Therefore the visionaries need people with skill set and equipment who can turn the idea into reality. The easiest way as seen from the last paragraph is to make a video. This would make competitors start working on similar ideas and keep them occupied, bring new workers to the company and win support by the buyers. Also these videos will inspire the scholars to start working towards a better future.

Precious time is spent on videos in order to share ideas, make them believable and find people to work on it. So future vision videos provide everything that is required to start from an idea and end up in reality.