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  • Erik-Silver Toomere 06:23 on September 23, 2011 Permalink |
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    New Facebook 

    “Facebook is like a relationship, once you think you have it all figured out, everything changes.”

    Change is good. The new Facebook update certainly shows that.

    The pointless ‘Top stories’ and ‘Most recent’ have been integrated into something that works very well, and to reduce the clutter of ‘Most recent’ there is now a stream that covers everything that is going on. The ability to change what you think of as a ‘Top story’ is pretty nifty.

    I now have only three fears. Firstly, due to my screen size the stream can get quite hectic when there is a lot going on. Secondly, the not-so-more-recent posts get lost since they will be in the bottom of the stream and not on the front page. Then again, it could technically be accessed via the ‘Notifications’ if it is somehow related to you. Thirdly, Facebook is obviously known to change updates like a teenager changes socks (once every two or three months) so I fear the design can now only go downhill.

    I will not start comparing Facebook with Google+ or Twitter because why mock features that work very well?

    In conclusion, if this update lasts longer than two or three months we might actually already have the perfect Facebook.

  • Sander 06:22 on September 23, 2011 Permalink |
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    The new Facebook layout came to most users… 

    The new Facebook layout came to most users without a proper warning. The new features introduce new things which aren’t altogether too groundbreaking. Yet whilst using the site, they catch the eye almost immediately.

    The first thing, of course, would be the  the tiny profile picture icon on the top. This is a kind of insignificant in the big picture. In  fact, the top bar now resembles google+, because it has been made a bit thinner and more streamlined. This has no actual practical benefit other than making the site look more stylish and web 2.0. All in all, a tiny improvement which makes the site look cooler, which is certainly worth something.

    Secondly, there are new improvements in sorting posts and marking what is important. Now, each post has a “mark as top story” button on it, which Facebook claims, will result in similar stories being brought to the top of a user’s news feed. This can potentially be a really good improvement, since all of us may not want to know  someones grandmother’s cat had his second birthday. So the “Top story” feature may bring a lot more comfort into the life of the user.
    Thirdly, the chat bar on the right of the screen has been cut in half. The upper half is now a live news feed. This is both a bit bad and a bit good. Good, because it improves how fast things can be posted on Facebook, because if you click on any item in the news feed, a little dialog box pops up, where you can comment on things. Certainly a good improvement for people who power-browse on Facebook. Yet, on the other hand, it may seem like a really complex wall of text to novice users on the Internet, which may prove to be a bit matrix-y and confusing.
    There are probably more improvements, but these are the major ones. All in all, the improvements seem to make the site more useful and more comfortable to use. As well as more cool looking.  People might dispute the fact whether Facebook is taking innovations from other social networks, but everything seems to function well so far.

    Boiled goose.

  • Paavo Viilup 06:15 on September 23, 2011 Permalink |
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    The “new” Facebook 

    In the end, one needs to ask this: has it really changed enough to warrant the extremes of Facebook nerdrage witnessed yesterday? Because the core is essentially the same, there’s the stream of news and the stream of randomness (person X likes something, person Y becomes person Z’s friend etc); it’s just that the two things are separate now. Essentially, it’s the same thing, there’s just more structure and the, in my opinion, quite obvious distinction between what might be more “important” and what’s actually just an activity log.

    The locus of interest (at least for me) resides within the reactions the new design caused among the user base. There was a lot of yelling about what really qualify as minor changes in the UI/UX paradigm (and my initial impression is that these changes are for the best). Because, I suppose, users are, despite their best efforts to seem liberal and open to new web-based solution, conservative and easily distracted by minor changes in the routine. Yet if there is one thing which characterises the Web/Internet, it is constant change. From the users, this demands mental agility, yet based on on how people reacted, there is a distinct lack of flexibility and willingness to embrace the new. Furthermore, there is a tendency to react overtly emotionally and not actually look at what has been done.

    Granted, not every change is always positive and there are many examples of failed UI innovations, yet I believe that Facebook has managed to both pull off an elegant shift in it’s interface paradigm and also make Google+ seem even more irrelevant.

  • alex 05:59 on September 23, 2011 Permalink |
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    New facebook 

    I liked the previous design more because it was simple to use and there was no unnecessary clutter. I must admit though that one of the new features is quite impressive.

    If I had to choose the best feature then it would be the news feed in the top corner. At first I thought why is it necessary but when I saw that upon hovering it you could see the entire update with comments. That is quite convenient but I’m still questioning whether it is actually needed because all of the new posts that friends make are showed in the notifications anyway. I am guessing that it is useful for those who spend most of their time on Faceboook and then see the new posts in the feed because when a friend posts something when your online then it does not show it in the notifications. For me it would not make a difference.

    Another feature was that they changed the profile button into a button with your picture and name that goes straight into your wall. Then the other features were put into a small arrow such as the help center and log out. I think that this is somewhat practical but also not a must have update. It is not needed because if you wanted to access your wall then you could just click your name on the left. Now they just have two places to access the wall. The fact that the arrow hides the log out button is also quite stupid and should be given some more thought.

    The third feature I noticed was that Facebook is now labeling the news into top and recent which adds absolutely no value because for me maybe the top news is not really top news. And I will not do anything with this knowledge that it is top news.

    In conclusion I believe that the old design was good and easy to use and the new one just integrated some unnecessary clutter into the system. The only feature I found interesting was the news feed but even that is not very useful for me.

  • Brent 05:57 on September 23, 2011 Permalink |
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    New Facebook layout 

    At first glance, the facebook page looks quite the same: the design, the buttons, color and so on. The changes emerge when one actually tries to do something. The setting buttons are changed, there is a small avatar for some unknown reasons there, where it used to be different setting options. Because of that logging out takes now more clicks with the mouse.
    There also is a news stearm vol. 2 on the right side of the screen. The black outerbox, when viewing pictures, has been removed and been replaced with a slightly trasnparent box, that covers the whole screen. Also the “Recent news” and “Most popular” options for the live stream have been removed and replaced by a “top story” option.
    The changes of the new facebook are quite insignificant and for my user habits, do not change practically anything.
    For the end I’d like to quote a meme from the internet: “The only thing users want is a dislike button, Facebook changes everything else.”

    Additional notes: The new live stream looks exactly like Google+

  • Taavi 05:54 on September 23, 2011 Permalink |
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    First thing you notice is that you have a silly thing moving with you on the right which is a wall of text with a few pictures AND THE SILLY ADS NOW STICK WITH ME EVERYWHERE. Obviously it serves no purpose as you do not know whether to read the text in the middle or in the news feed. They could probably fix this if they did not make it stick with the window or make the left panel also move with the window so when scrolling only the middle part will change.(has a fix if you show the sidebar, but i do not like sidebar)
    Also the news feed consists of one million people saying “happy birthday” which is plain stupid as I do not want to see silly people writing silly things because obviously these congratulations or what ever do not mean anything to anyone and are just idiotic. Well the lists addition (or was it an addition not quite sure), anyway this might be a good thing because this way you could choose the people whom you want to get news only, not about the guys who like everything and comment pointless things (also unsubscribe, or the checklist subscription are nice). But no dislike button so yeah, still pretty much useless. Also make the LOG OUT button maybe more visible, we do not want a world where you cannot leave or do negative things; dream on Facebook!

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