3GS vs 4S 

As a 3GS user I feel that it’s very necessary to upgrade to iPhone 4S. I actually have number of reasons.

Firstly, the Apple A5 processor. What this gives me is the power of iPad 2 in a smaller device, technically it should mean I have more power than the iPad 2. This in turn means that 4S will run iOS 5 better than 3GS, however iOS 5 on 3GS is something I still have to test.

Secondly, Siri. It seems like an interesting and fun thing to play with and could actually turn out to be quite useful if it indeed works like the ads show. If it does then the lazyness factor will actually boost my productivity – constant connection with my phone seems like science fiction, the future is now! Only drawback is that you will be having constant one-sided conversations with yourself – in the public.

Thirdly, my 3GS has near-totally replaced my digital camera, however my 3GS lacks stabilization and flash thus leading to lower picture quality when compared with the sigital camera. 4S will fix that problem – higher quality pictures in every aspect whilst keeping the comfortable size.